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Club to Death Angel <3
pipiru piru piru pipiru pi!!~
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Konata Peace
Oh poo poo.
Yesterday i was finally happy
ignoring all my problams, and moving forward
but today it all came back =/

Why you ask? because..
well i can't really explain here, but i'll try:
so like someone was sad, and my friend was all -_- about it
i was too.
because it's just annoying. let's not go into details
then "we" start competing or whatever

This caused me to remember all that crap happening .
then i was like -.-" for the rest of the day
well, somewhere inside

Thank goodness I'm fine now.
Yes, for now i'm myself =]

"Life is simple, you make decisions and you don't look back."

stole that from someone's pm on my msn list XD
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